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What is Thermodynamics and what does it do?

Thermodynamic systems work like a refrigerator, but in reverse.

So, instead of cold, you get heat. (hot water)

Do Thermodynamic systems work well in theUK?

Yes, Thermodynamic systems work day and night. Rain or shine.

The Solar Box is also very economical to run, it only uses 0.39Kw/h of electricity

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How do Thermodynamic systems work?

The main two components are the thermodynamic unit and a solar panel radiator.

a refrigerant gas passes through the solar panel radiator at a temperature of -15 allowing the collection of energy from the sun, rain & wind.

As the fluid is running at a negative temperature it collects the heat from the air by convection.

The fluid is then compressed in the solar box, creating heat.

This heat is transferred to water via a high performance heat exchanger.

Finally, the fluid goes through an expansion valve, evaporates, passes into the aluminium solar panel and the process starts again.

Can Thermodynamics cope with central heating?

Yes, the larger units can. They can heat whole houses including hot water and even heat swimming pools.These systems require more radiators

How do I buy a Thermodynamic system from Common Sense Energy?

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