Hello and welcome to our website.

I am Allen Harris, Managing Director of Common Sense Energy Ltd.

My pathway to renewable energy started whilst studying at university in the early 1980’s.

One of the subjects was a combined heat and power station in Amsterdam. This really sparked my interest, as it was no ordinary power station. This one was powered by the city’s waste!

The by-product from the power station (piping hot water) was pumped out to supply the local area.

The local hospital, police and the fire stations got their heating and hot water for free.

On looking closer, I found that, even way back then, houses and factories were supplied with heating and hot water from the same supply and metered for their use instead of having boilers in their properties. The enormity of this, the positive impact for the whole of the community and the resultant savings on fossil fuels has stayed with me ever since.

Allen Harris
Common Sense Energy Ltd.

I started to take another look at renewable energy when the Kyoto climate change agreement was signed in 1998. But it all seemed theoretical at the time & nothing was accessible for the general public.

In 2006, I noticed that renewable energy had started to become more freely available & I firmly believed that renewable energy would make a profound difference to our lives, our environment and our planet.

The next logical step for me was to change my direction & follow this path.

I took time out to gain knowledge, skills and experience before starting my own company in 2011.

There have been a lot of changes since those days, more and better products are becoming commercially available all the time.

My companies have adapted and changed over the years, reflecting technological advances in the industry.

However, there are certain things that will not change.

There is no hard selling and our focus is customer-based. Everyone here at Common Sense Energy will treat you the same way we would expect to be treated. Therefore, we give you honest, clear, positive advice regarding the energy saving measures that would benefit you and we will dissuade you from the things that won’t help you.

Our goal is to give you an all-encompassing picture of the ways that you can reduce your utility bills by using renewable energy without diminishing your lifestyle.

Our aim is to give you your own power security by making you as power neutral as possible. Thereby reducing your bills, or in some cases, making you (utility) bill free both now and when the electricity prices increase.

The company I present to you today supplies and fits products which use Renewable energy to supply and manage electricity or hot water.

Not complicated, just common sense.

In conclusion, let me just say, it is a privilege to work with forward thinking people such as yourself. I am really looking forward to hearing from you and working with you.

What Happy Clients Say About Us

After researching the market for the right company to install solar PV on my barn, I selected Common Sense Energy.
They were professional and installed the equipment to a high standard. I am very pleased with the result.
5 stars
David Lane, Land Owner
Common Sense Energy fitted my Thermodynamic hot water system.
They were on time; on budget; and tidied up before they left. I would recommend them to anyone.
5 stars
Alan Bull, Accountant