Prevent birds from landing on gutters over doorways and near solar panels

We use the best quality stainless steel post & wire gutter protection to deter pigeons or gulls from landing near the gutter area.

It important to deter birds from solar panels and pedestrian walkways as bird droppings and nesting material contain organisms called ‘Zoonoses’ which are capable of transferring many types of bacterial and spore-born disease between the host and humans. Including:

‘Ornithosis’, ‘Chlamydia’, E-coli’ and ‘Salmonella’

Nests and feathers can contain biting insects or parasites. Including:

‘Red Mite’ ‘Ticks’ and ‘Fleas’.

That can feed on human blood and transfer disease.

Common Sense Energy

So, our Common Sense advice is “If you want to keep your property, Solar panels and people clean and healthy, discourage birds from nesting and landing on your property.”