Reducing energy usage, generating renewable energy on-site, storing energy and improving building performance is the direction that forward-thinking property owners, landlords and occupiers are moving towards.

It makes financial sense.

Renewable energy gives you power security, known overheads without outside influence and carbon reduction.

The benefits are immediate and it is easier to plan and implement the move now, than if forced to by legislation at a later date.

Common Sense Energy specialises in on roof solar arrays. We offer you a bespoke turnkey service.

We source the best equipment and use our own fitting teams to give you the optimum solar solution for your property.

Please feel free to give us a call: 01279 450779 or click the free survey button & give us your details. Then we can meet you at your site to discuss your requirements and your best renewable solution.

Common Sense Energy

What are your options?

Common Sense Energy

Capital Free via (PPA)

If you are looking to install 50Kw or more and can use all or most of the power produced yourself, then our capital free ‘Power Purchase Agreement’ (PPA) option allows you to utilise your roof space and benefit from reduced energy costs without any financial outlay.

You agree to purchase the electricity produced at a reduced, fixed rate.

Common Sense Energy will survey your site, agree the size and contents of your solar Photovoltaic (PV) system.

Your Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a turnkey solution covering purchase, installation and ongoing operational monitoring and maintenance.

You will then have your electricity (produced by the system) at a fixed rate for the next 20 years. After this time, you can purchase the equipment for a peppercorn amount and the electricity produced from that point on is all yours, free of charge.

This funded approach also negates the significant tax increases in business rates now being levied against companies who own their solar installation, with a PPA these rates do not apply as the system is not owned by the business, but by our investors.

Capital Purchase

Common Sense Energy also helps clients who are seeking to purchase a solar PV system outright using their own capital.

Our planning and workmanship is always the same high quality.

The capital purchase option gives a high capital return on investment as all of the power produced is now brought to you free of charge for the whole life of the system, (which should be in excess of 30-40 years). .

  • You can claim tax relief on your capital allowance
  • It is also possible to re-finance the asset if you require finance for other reasons
  • But you will have to pay for any monitoring and maintaining the system

Common Sense Energy can also offer a maintenance agreement package to ensure optimal performance and efficiency for the life of your system.

So, where do you go from here?

‘Common Sense Energy’ have fully trained engineers.

So, please fill in the FREE SURVEY form and we will come to your property/land and formulate a turnkey ‘Commercial PV System’ along with a payment schedule that’s right for you.

It’s as easy as that.

We look forward to hearing from you.