Commercial Solar PV

Commercial photovoltaic

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How do I profit from this?

  • You are paid for making the electricity via the “Feed in Tariff”.
  • You can use all of it for free, reducing your bill.
  • You are paid for putting 50% back into the grid (whether you do or not).
  • Save energy you would normally export in batteries so that you are not selling to the grid at wholesale a price and buying back a few hours later at 4 or 5times the price.
  • Use your excess power to heat your water via a gadget fitted to your immersion (Solar iBoost).
  • Save on the gas/oil that would have heated your water (Solar iBoost is fitted).
  • Reduce your annual CO2 use.
  • Reduce your business rates.

How does it work?

“Solar PV panels convert irridated light into electricity.
Not just direct sunlight.
There is enough light in the UK for solar PV systems to work efficiently.”

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Commercial photovoltaics

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Solar PV is the thinking persons choice of investment for business. Electricity costs are set to at least double in the next 10 years. Keep your business competitive by reducing the cost of your electricity, help combat climate change by saving Co2, and make a increasing annual returns on your investment. Whatever business you have, Solar PV gives you thousands of pounds of TAX FREE income, and reduces your electricity bill. Extra savings can be made with battery backup for your critical loads and if you have an immersion heater for your hot water, we can also heat your hot water for free, saving your boiler, and the cost of the gas/oil to run it. Our energy saving solutions reduce your monthly running costs, increase your profits and put your company one step ahead of the competition.


  • When its light outside, you make money!
  • Better financial return than the bank.
  • GUARANTEED return for 20 years.
  • Reduce your overheads.
  • Lower your Co2 emissions.
  • Reduce your business rates.
  • Heat your hot water with the excess power.
  • Retain critical circuits in a power outage.