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A ‘Heat Battery’ is similar to a heat store.

The difference is that heat stores have a water tank with pre-heated water inside and ‘Heat Batteries’ have container with a NON TOXIC ‘phase change material’ (PCM), a heat exchanger and an immersion inside.

Why would you use a ‘Heat Battery’ instead of a hot water tank?

‘Heat Batteries’ are compact, highly efficient & non toxic. They can be heated from a variety of renewable sources and give hot water on demand.

Hot water is at mains pressure, so you don’t have to use shower pumps and all of the materials used in the ‘Heat Battery’ are 100% recyclable.

‘Heat Batteries’ take up about a third of the space and have a far lower heat loss than a hot water cylinder.

So, if you are doing a self build, refurbishment or replacing a hot water cylinder and want a highly efficient solution with a high flow rate of hot water on demand which is space saving and easy to install. A ‘Heat Battery’ could be perfect for you.,

Common Sense Energy
Common Sense Energy

How does the ‘Heat Battery’ work?

Using the same principal as hand warmers, The inside the ‘Heat Battery’ is an inorganic non toxic salt based phase change material (PCM) incorporating a heat exchanger and immersion. This is surrounded by a high quality insulation which offers you the lowest heat loss on the market.

The ‘Heat Battery’ is charged/heated via the immersion using PV, cheap night time electricity, a boiler, a solar thermal array, or a combination of these.

Cold water enters the ‘Heat Battery’, passes through a highly efficient heat exchanger, picks up heat from the PCM and comes out hot. So hot in fact that we install a blending valve to reduce the temperature, so that it doesn’t scald you. The ‘Heat Battery’ uses less power per litre of heated water than in a hot water cylinder and if you extend your property or require a bigger volume of water, you can add more ‘Heat Batteries’ to your system or have them as stand alone in areas where you would just normally have cold water.

The remainder of the heat will remain in the battery until you turn the tap on again.

‘Heat Batteries’ can be used for hot water and space heating.

Common Sense Energy will survey your property FREE OF CHARGE to see if ‘Heat Batteries’ are suitable for your needs.

We will select the right size and quantity of ‘Heat Batteries’ for you.

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Will I still need my hot water tank?

‘Heat Batteries’ actually replace both open vented and unvented hot water cylinders.

They are more compact and highly insulated to prevent heat loss.

Water is supplied to the ‘Heat Battery’ at mains pressure.

so you get hot water at mains pressure from your taps.

The ‘Heat Batteries’ are fitted with temperature sensors for measuring the level of charge

and controlling their operation when connected to the Sunamp battery controller.

How big are ‘Heat Batteries’

‘Heat Batteries’ take up less space, typically 2-3 times less than the equivalent hot water tank

There are even some small enough to fit under your sink.

What are the main advantages of ‘Heat Batteries’?

Heat is stored in the Phase Change Material (PCM) not the water

Running costs are less than heating hot water cylinders

As there is a low volume of water in the ‘Heat Battery’ it does not need to have a temperature and pressure relief valve or a discharge pipe

Legionella risk is significantly reduced

Quicker and less costly installation

No big expansion vessels

More space in your airing cupboard

Does the ‘Heat Battery’ need regular maintenance & how long will it last?

There is no mandatory maintenance, but it’s advisable to have the filters and scale inhibitors checked each year so that your

‘Heat Batteries’ performance isn’t impeded.

The phase change material has a 10 year guarantee and the expected life cycle is over 14000 cycles (each cycle includes a charge and discharge) which equates to 35 years use with no degradation

What do ‘Heat Batteries’ cost?

The smallest, (uniq3) which is equivalent to a 70L cylinder costs £1700.00 (+VAT + install)

The most popular(uniq9) which is equivalent to a 210L cylinder costs £3375.00 (+VAT + install)

The largest, (uniq12) which is equivalent to a 280L cylinder costs £4500.00 (+VAT + install)

How do I purchase ‘Heat Batteries’ for hot water/central heating?

‘Heat Batteries’ need to be installed by an approved company like ‘Common Sense Energy’ with fully trained qualified engineers

for your safety and to get your guarantees.

Please fill in the FREE SURVEY form and we will come to your property and discuss the right ‘Heat Battery’ system for you, we will also give you a price for supplying and installing the equipment.

Pay us a deposit, Receive your free insurance backed guarantee and a fitting date that suits you.

Pay the balance on completion and we issue your guarantees.

It’s as easy as that.

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