Power Diversion

Power Diversion

The Common Sense Approach to Power Diversion:

If you generate power from PV, Wind etc and you do not have an ‘Export Meter’. You automatically receive a payment for exporting 50% of your power generation to the ‘National Grid’. (whether you do or not) So, it makes sense to divert your excess power to your immersion on your hot water cylinder , heating your ‘Hot water’ for free. Or any other device which uses or stores the power for use later in the day.

Power Diversion

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How it works:

Any power produced in excess of your demand / usage is normally automatically exported to the ‘National Grid’
Power Diverters divert this excess power to a destination of your choice

i.e: infra red radiators
under floor heating (electric)
Storage Heaters

… or most commonly to your immersion heater in your hot water tank. Thereby heating your hot water for free. Saving the oil or gas you would usually use to heat this portion of your hot water.

Why should I consider installing a power diverter?
We feel that a power diverter is a very effective money saving technology. It makes Common Sense to use your free energy, to reduce your utility bills rather than exporting it to the National Grid and buying it back a few hours later at 5 times the price. Thereby using more electricity, oil or gas to complete the same task. Over the period of a year you can make significant savings.

Add a power diverter to your system!

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