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Solar Domestic Photovoltaic

  • Making electricity from solar panels on your roof is a smart move, both ethically & financially. Most importantly, it gives you power security..
  • Common Sense Energy Ltd are not going to hard sell, or offer gimmicks.
  • We will survey your property for FREE to give you an accurate picture of the amount of power you can produce, the estimated TAX FREE return & how you can heat your hot water for free (if you have a hot water cylinder). Along with, how much co2 you will save.
  • We won’t be in your house for hours, taking up your valuable family time, and we will answer all your questions fully.


So, Why Buy PV?

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  • Generate your own electricity .
  • The electricity you generate, you use for FREE .
  • While there is daylight, you are making money.
  • Electricity prices rise (historically).
  • When your suppliers price rises, it won’t have as much impact on you (because you will be buying in less electricity).
  • TAX FREE income for the next 20 years.
  • PV doesn’t have any running costs.
  • Save many tonnes of Co2 over it’s lifetime.
  • 25 year manufacturers panel guarantee.
  • Installation normally takes 1 day (no mess).
  • You can store your power in batteries for later use or in case of a power cut..

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How do I profit from this?

Well, you can earn money in 5 ways:
  • You are paid for the electricity you create via the FEED IN TARIFF scheme.
  • You can use all of the power you produce for free, thereby reducing your bill.
  • You are paid an extra amount for putting 50% of your electricity production back into the grid (whether you do or not).
  • Use your excess power to heat your water via a power diverter fitted to your immersion with Solar iBoost (optional extra).
  • Save on the gas/oil that would have heated your water (if Solar iBoost is fitted).
Residential PV

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