Our battery storage products including installation are now VAT FREE Call us now or book a free survey

Our battery storage products including installation are VAT FREE Call us now or book a free survey

There are many reasons for choosing Battery Storage. So we have set out the main points here.

We find that most of our customers choose a battery storage system because they are going to install solar (PV) panels and want to retain the electricity they produce. The alternative is to automatically release your excess electricity to the grid and buy it back later at a higher price.

Some of our customers live or work in an area prone to power cuts and want the added security of having their own power supply.

By installing a battery storage system in your home or business, you minimise your reliance on the National Grid. Reduce your electricity bills, your carbon footprint and give yourself better power security.

  • Battery systems can be installed at the same time as solar panels.
  • Retrofitted to your existing solar PV system.
  • To have your own (UPS) Uninterrupted Power Supply or just store cheaper energy from your electricity provider on their night time tariff.

If you live in an area prone to power cuts, we can move some of your electrical circuits to a second consumer unit so that you can use them in case of a power cut. We can also supply a generator to support your system too.

Common Sense Energy
Common Sense Energy

The Solar (PV) system creates the power, then when you create more power than you currently need, the excess charges the Battery system.

This power is then available for you to use as and when you need it.

An optional extra would be to use some of your electrical circuits as a (UPS) Uninterrupted Power Supply.

If you would like us to, we will survey your home/property FREE OF CHARGE and advise you on the best sized solar system and battery storage package that fits your property, usage and budget.

Can I add a battery system to my current PV solar installation?

If you already have solar (PV) panels, you can either add a battery system of the same make as your solar PV inverter (in some cases) or add an AC coupled (stand alone) system which works in conjunction with your Solar PV system. The battery storage system works exactly as described above. Enabling you to store the surplus electricity generated from your solar (PV) panels for use at a later time so that it’s not just sent back to the grid. You can use this stored electricity later, or in the event of a power cut (UPS option). Thereby maximising the power you have produced and lowering your bills.

In this case, The Battery installation would be VAT rated at 5% and the extra electrical work would be rated at 20%

What is the UPS option?

An Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) is suitable for circuits which have a light load (low amperage) and support the most important items in your home.

We call these ‘critical electrical circuits’, such as your lighting circuits, fridge, freezer, internet and phone charging points.

For UPS systems avoid putting high energy use items such as washing machines, Kettles, Air source heat pumps, Microwaves on these circuits as they will drain your batteries quickly
or draw too much amperage for the system to cope with the load.

We re-position your critical circuits in a separate consumer unit and the power is fed to it via the battery storage unit instead of the national grid.

Your electrical circuits will function as before, but they are protected from grid failure (power cut) as they will be powered by the battery system when the grid fails.

The battery system can be charged via your:

Solar panels,

Night time electricity


In this case, The Battery installation would be VAT rated at 5% and the extra electrical work would be rated at 20%

Battery storage for Economy 7 and other tariffs

If you want to reduce your bills or have a UPS system without a solar PV System. We suggest that you move to an Economy 7, Economy 10 or smart energy tariff. The cost of electricity is generically about half price between 11pm and 6 am. So, when most people are tucked up in bed you can use this cheap night time energy to charge up your battery storage system ready for you to use during the day. (The amount of energy you can store will depend on the size of the system) We are here to help you get this right.

In this case, The Battery installation would be VAT rated at 5% and the extra electrical work would be rated at 20%

The battery professionals at Common Sense Energy have been supplying and fitting battery systems from all of the best manufacturers since 2011. So, please feel free to get in touch. Tell us your requirements and we will suggest the best option for you.

Common Sense Energy

Can I sell my excess energy back to the power company?

Yes. This is done via the smart export guarantee. Please click the button below to find out more.

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How do I buy a battery system

Batteries need to be installed by an approved company like ‘Common Sense Energy’ with fully trained qualified engineers

for your safety and to get your guarantees.

So, please fill in the FREE SURVEY form, We will come to your property and discuss the right Battery system for you and give you a price for supplying and installing the equipment that’s right for you.

Pay us a deposit, and book a fitting date that suits you.

(sometimes we may require more than one deposit)

Pay the balance on completion and we issue your guarantees.

It’s as easy as that.

We look forward to hearing from you.