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The purpose of this CommonSenseEnergy website is to show you the common-sense approach to renewable energy. 
When asking yourself, why choose renewable energy, the primary points are as follow:

  • Renewable energy is sustainable.
  • It’s an investment in your future. When installed by experts, it will be saving you money each and every day.
  • At current rates, renewable energy gives you a better return on investment than a bank or building society.
  • Renewable energy is the only thing we know that actually pays you back while you are living in your home.
  • Using renewable energy reduces your carbon emissions and therefore helps to slow climate change and global warming.
  • Fossil fuel is unsustainable and climate changing.


At, our ethos is to only recommend products that will benefit you ethically and financially. We do not power sell. 

We offer a professional, friendly approach that encourages our customers to learn about the benefits of renewable energy and participate in this area. We want our customers to be aware of their energy usage and to use the most efficient cost-effective way of attaining it without contributing to global warming. In this way, we are helping our customers to protect the planet for future generations.

Once you have this technology professionally installed by experts, you are not as reliant on the utility companies or the impact of their price rises. You will have more power security by creating your own power. If you can create enough power to store in batteries, you can use it at night or in times of power failure in the grid. Using power in a smart manner will obviously save you money and reduce the burden on the grid. 

Thermodynamics is basically refrigeration in reverse. Our expert installations team can introduce residential thermodynamics to your home. Customers who take us up on this offer can use thermodynamics to heat water rather than cool a space. With this system for instance, 300 litres of water can be heated to 55 degrees for less than the price of boiling your kettle. That currently leads to an average £800 per year saving for a typical 3 bed house with 2 adults and 2 children.
Other resources need to be taken into consideration too. All of the water we currently use in the UK is drinking quality. We don’t need such purified water to wash our clothes or flush the toilet. Therefore, if you have the space, we can offer our customers the ability to introduce rainwater harvesting. This is another common sense easy energy option. It’s easier to put into new builds, but usually with a bit of adaption in the pipework, rainwater harvesting is an option for existing houses as well.

Sometimes, the current setup of a building will only suit a fossil fuel option. Where the only current option is fossil fuel such as gas, we would recommend a more efficient gas boiler. If there is space we would recommend a “Fuel Saver”. 

This is a piece of kit that fits between the boiler and the flue to pre-warm the cold water entering the boiler by using the heat from the flue gasses to pre-heat the cold water before it enters the boiler. As a result, you would need less heat to raise your boiler to the desired temperature. Thereby you are saving gas on a permanent basis. (Please note: we do not currently have an option for oil fired boilers) Renewable energy is an excellent investment for you, your family, your finances and for the environment long term. Truly a legacy worth inheriting.