Battery Backup

A) Why should I choose Battery Storage?

1) You have noticed that the cost of electricity always rises & you want to invest in products which reduce your bills right now and for your future. Giving your family Power Security and reducing your monthly bills.

2) You already have a Solar PV system and you have. realised that although you are benefiting from lower bills, you are exporting power at wholesale prices to the grid at peak times when you are not at home and buying it back a few hours later at 4 or 5 times the cost. As this doesn’t make financial sense, you are considering a battery system to conserve this energy and knowing that you can also use the battery power in case of a power cut.

3) You have regular power cuts and do not want to keep resetting all the appliances & clocks in your home, or that you want uninterrupted power supply for your computers, whole house or work place.

B) Which System should I choose?

This will depend on your personnel circumstances.

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C) There are three main choices:

1) If you don’t currently have renewable energy fitted to your home. The first decision is about creating power independently of the grid. This is usually done with Solar PV panels. Alternatively, it can be done with Hydro power (water) or wind turbines. Sometimes it’s viable to use more than one of these. Then we can store excess energy in batteries for use at a later time.

battery backup

So, If your just starting out and looking to combine a new solar PV system with battery storage, or wanted to integrate into a new build home. the sensible choice would be the Hybrid version, simply because the Hybrid is battery ready, and there would no need to purchase a separate inverter for the solar PV system. Designed for maximum efficiency and charging directly from the DC side of a solar PV system, little or no conversion loss is incurred, the only loss is happens when converting the DC back from the battery to AC power, because this conversion made before the energy is passed through the generation meter this will reduce your FEED IN TARIFF payments. As the FIT rate is quite low now, there is negledgible financial loss against electricity buy back savings.

2) If you all ready own a Solar PV system and looking to add or retro fit battery storage, then you will normally receive a high rate FEED IN TARIFF. Therefore the sensible choice would be the retrofit version, which can be simply added to your system without affecting your FEED IN TARIFF.
Hybrid systems can replace any standard string inverter, however, they will not work with micro inverters or voltage optimizers.

3) Critical power supply. This uses the same technology as described above, but without the renewable energy. The battery system is charged from the grid, usually during off peak hours & supplies electricity to your home/ workplace during a power cut. When this happens the smart switch which is installed between your incoming main and your consumer unit (fuse board) isolates the grid so that you don’t electrocute the person who is fixing the grid supply. When power is restored from the grid, your dwelling is automatically re-connected and the batteries re-charge.

D) Why should I use Common Sense Energy?

Common Sense Energy are endorsed by Trading standards (logo) and HIES (logo)
Your purchase will have an independent insurance backed guarantee. Giving you peace of mind for many years to come.

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E) How do I buy MY system?

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