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Hello and welcome to our website.

I am Allen Harris, the Managing Director of Common Sense Energy Ltd. My career started in the building industry back in 1982 and it was shortly after that, whilst studying a university course, that I first became aware of renewable energy.

The thing that started it all off for me was a combined heat and power station in Amsterdam. This was no ordinary power station! It was powered by the city’s waste!

Would you believe, the by-products from the power station (which was piping hot water) was pumped oout to supply the local area. Can you belive it? The local hospital, police and the fire stations got their heating for free.

On looking closer, I found out that, in Amsterdam, even way back then, houses and factories had a metered supply. The enormity of this and the positive impact for the whole of the community and the resultant savings on fossil fuels has stayed with me ever since.

Renewable energy wasn’t heard of back then. There really was nothing commercially available in the UK for the general public to buy or own. When the building industry crashed in the 1990’s I re-qualified as an optician. However, after more than a decade I reverted back to the tools, firstly qualifying as a plumber, then as a Gas Engineer and shortly after that, I became a fully qualified Electrician.

With all these trades under my belt, I became very much aware of the amount of heat and power we were using, both domestically and commercially. The only source of this energy was either fossil fuels or nuclear. Now, I had seen that, on average, energy prices double every 7-10 years. It occurred to me that it doesn’t have to be that way.

So, I started to take another look at alternative renewable energy. When the Kyoto climate change agreement was signed in 1998, renewable energy started to become more freely available to the general public of Great Britain. Ever since I first heard about it, I have always believed that renewable energy makes sense. So, the next logical step for me was to follow this path.

In 2006, I started working in the renewable sector. I could see the benefits, not only for me as a career, but for the customer and the planet too. I took time out to gain more knowledge, skills and qualifications in the renewables industry and, after a short period working for someone else in renewables, in 2011, I decided to sieze the day, and started my own renewable energy company.

The company I present to you today does not offer anything too complicated to get our minds around. It is simply about using naturally occurring energy from a source that is not depleted when it is used. Not complicated! It just seemed like common sense.

With that in mind, I sat down to think about what I might call this new company of mine …

essex renewable energy

There have been a lot of changes since those days. More and better products are becoming commercially available every day. My companies have adapted and changed, reflecting advances in the industry.However, there are certain things that do not change.

As a rule, I do not allow any hard selling practices from any of my staff members. My ethos all the way through has always been customer-based. Our aim here at Common Sense Energy Ltd. is to treat you the same way we would expect to be treated. Therefore, we give you honest, clear, positive advice regarding the energy saving measures that would benefit you. We will look to talk you out of the things that won’t help you.

Our goal is to give you an all-encompassing picture of the ways that you can reduce your utility bills by using renewable energy without diminishing your lifestyle. Our aim is to give you power security, making you as power neutral as possible. Thereby, we will play our part in reducing your bills or in some cases making you bill free, both now and when the electricity prices increase.

In conclusion, let me just say, it is a priviledge to work with forward thinking people such as yourself. I am really looking forward to hearing from you and working with you.

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Warmest Regards,